The Millennial Apartment bingo card I designed for Apartment Therapy was one of their most engaged-with posts both in feed and in stories. Hundreds of followers reposted their filled-out Bingo cards.
The post was so successful that Target requested one as well.
A series of holiday-themed illustrations for Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, and Valentine's Day.
Branded quote templates designed to provide quick-turn assets for Apartment Therapy social.
Since templates were pre-approved, the social media manager or editors could sometimes request and receive assets within an hour.
A series of Zodiac illustrations for Apartment Therapy and Kitchn.
For both sites, these have been some of the top performing images on both Facebook and Instagram.
A series for Apartment Therapy social called Either/Or. Apartment Therapy posted these images asking their audience which choice they would prefer, and hundreds of very opinionated comments soon followed.
One-off illustrations relating to current events, the Olympics and the Oscars.
Posted on daylight savings, in the dead of winter, or just for fun, these illustrations were meant to feel instantly relatable and encourage shares and tags.
Instagram Stories assets for the January Cure by Apartment Therapy

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